Planning a road trip in Estonia is an exciting adventure waiting to unfold. From charming medieval towns to pristine beaches and lush national parks, Estonia offers a diverse range of experiences. Let’s dive into the details of how to plan your perfect Estonian road trip. How Many Days in Estonia? The duration of your road trip depends on your preferences and available time. Here are some recommendations: Short Trip (2-3 Days) Tallinn: Spend at least two days exploring the capital city. Climb the medieval towers, admire the church spires, and indulge in Estonian and Russian fusion cuisine. Day Trip: Take a day trip from Tallinn to nearby attractions like Kadriorg Palace or Parnu beach. Mid-Length Trip (5 Days) Tartu: Visit the vibrant city of Tartu, known for its university and charming atmosphere. Parnu: Explore Estonia’s famous beach town, Parnu, and enjoy its sandy shores. Muhu Island: Extend your trip to Muhu Island, known for its picturesque landscapes. Week-Long Adventure (7+ Days) Narva: Head east to Narva, near the Russian border. Marvel at the Narva River and its historic sites. Saaremaa: Visit Estonia’s largest island, Saaremaa, with its unique culture and natural beauty. Lahemaa National Park: Explore this national park, home to forests, lakes, and historic manors. Getting Around Estonia Arrival: If you’re flying in, Tallinn has its own international airport. Alternatively, consider arriving via ferry. Car Rental: Renting a car is convenient for exploring Estonia. Choose from reputable rental like ours – 25 Years in Car Rental business, so we know how to make Your stay in Estonia as comfortable as possible! Read more about us here: Driving Tips: Drive on the right-hand side. Use dipped lights during the day. Seatbelts are mandatory. Speed limits: 30 mph in cities, 60 mph on open roads, and 54 mph on highways. Gasoline is available in major cities and along highways. Must-See Attractions Tallinn: Explore the medieval Old Town, visit Alexander Nevski Cathedral, and learn about Estonia’s history. Tartu: Discover the university town’s vibrant culture and architecture. Parnu: Relax on the sandy beaches and enjoy beachside cafes. Muhu Island: Experience the serene landscapes and charming villages. Lahemaa National Park: Hike through forests, visit manor houses, and spot wildlife. Itinerary Example Day 1-4: Tallinn Explore the Old Town, dine in cozy cafes, and visit historical sites. Take a day trip to Kadriorg Palace or Parnu. Day 5: Tallinn to Narva (210 km) Admire the Narva River and explore the border area. Day 6-7: Tartu (210 km) Immerse yourself in Tartu’s culture and history. Day 8-9: Parnu (180 km) Enjoy the beach and beachfront restaurants. Day 10-12: Muhu Island (Ferry from Saaremaa) Discover the island’s natural beauty and local traditions. Remember to check road conditions, pack essentials, and enjoy the scenic drives. Happy road tripping! 🚗🌿